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Ccm Goalie Knee Pads

The Ccm Goalie 5 knee pad guards is a high-quality ice sheet that will protect your knee from damage, it is produced from durable and sturdy materials, making it a top fit for any player. The kangaroo fabric is a luxurious and soft material, making it a comfortable and soft environment for your knee, the goalkeeping equipment comes with a high-quality kangaroo fabric and a Ccm logo.

Ccm Goalie Knee Pads Walmart

The Ccm pro Goalie thigh pad is splendid for goalies hunting for protection, it's designed to reduce body movements and rugby and cricket stadium conditions. The black new version is exceptional for teams who itch for the best Goalie protection, the Ccm Goalie kp pro knee pads will help protect your knee when you play in the game. The pant legs come with a pairs of pant legs and para artsy-vest-style kit, the pant legs are made of 100% breathable cotton and the para artsy-vest-style kit is manufactured of sturdy cotton fabric. The pant legs are also designed to suit most players, the thigh guard is manufactured of durable cotton fabric and the pro level protect black senior sr is a high-quality protectant that protects your knee from direct damage. The Ccm premier Goalie pads are top-grade alternative to protect your goal from the front end, they come in different colors and styles, making it hard to decide which one you want. The pads are also adjustable to suit your body type and body position, the Ccm legal Goalie thigh knee pads pro level pads only white senior sr are peerless for goalkeepers. They are designed to keep you safe when you are need to angle yourself for the ball.