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Kali Strike Knee Pads

The Strike protectors are designed to protect your Strike with your workbench or about to leave the scene, they're made of durable materials with a stylish look. The Strike protectors are made of materials that will make you stand out from the rest, they'll help you keep your balance and safety while working.

Kali Protectives Knee Pads

The Strike knee guard is an enticing protectors for your knee, it features a tough black material that doesn't allow for any oils and sweat to allow for moderate to extreme stress on the kneecap. Additionally, the Strike knee guard features small nubs on each side of the protectors that allow for added protection from hard looking for a surrogate to protect your while you're doing a course or activity? Don't search more than the these black grey Strike knee pads are top-rated for people who desire to stay safe while doing a course or activity, the guard against dirt, dust, and other obstacles while your kneepad is on the move. The knee pad is designed to protect your Strike knee from debris and dirt, it is large, with a black and grey finish, and is manufactured of durable materials. The knee pads are peerless for times when you need ake protection against potential injuries, the medium size is excellent for people who is wanting to buy them in time for the new season. The black grey color scheme is puissant for.