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Warrior Goalie Knee Pads

Are you experiencing pain from your Warrior goal knee pads? If so, we've got an outstanding solution for you! The r2 model includes a new design that helps improve theknee's function and stability, plus, they're equipped with a number of features and enhancements that will help improve your practice. So, come join the other side and get ready for a better night's sleep.

Warrior Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

The Warrior r2 hockey Goalie knee pads are made from durable and comfortable fabric for your body, these pads will keep your ke on task with no worries off your back. The pads come in various colors and styles to tailor any player style, this is an 12 to 15 year old knee pad. It is fabricated of durable materials, and features the Warrior ritual design, the pad is designed to protect your knee from the inside out. This top-rated fit Warrior gender lori jr, koozie Goalie koozie Goalie jr. Koozie Goalie koozie jr, koozie this outstanding fit Warrior gender lori jr. Koozie jr, this Warrior Goalie knee pad is manufactured of durable vinyl and will protect your knee from any damage. The knee pad is 15-year old size and will offer you complete protection from the cold, ice and ball.